Samm I Am

So I’ve never really been good at introductions, but here we go.

My name is Samantha, but everyone just calls me Samm. There’s no real reason for it as far as I know.I’ve been told I just don’t look or act like a ‘Samantha’, ‘Sammy’, or ‘Sammie'(whatever that means). So I’ve been a Samm all my life (Well. I was a Sam. Now I’m a Samm. Sometimes Samwise. But only one person ever calls me that. Anyway.). Unless I’m in trouble. Then my mom yells “SAMANTHA MARIA!” or “SAMANTHA MARIE MUNOZ!” When she tacts on that last name that’s how I know I need to duct because chances are, a chancleta is coming my way.

Five indisputable facts about me would have to be:

  1. I’m Puerto Rican
  2. I grew up speaking both English and Spanish
  3. I love to read
  4. I love to sing (It’s a problem. Like, I had a membership card to the karaoke place in Japan. It’s that real)
  5. I love music

I am currently 21 years old, and I have no idea what I’m going to do when I graduate university (though something tells me I’m not the only one with this problem). As of right now, that’s me in a nutshell.

At this point in my life, I’m really just trying to enjoy every moment. I want to spend time with the people I want to spend time with. I want to do the things I genuinely want to do.

See, I just finished a semester abroad in Japan and it was amazing. I learned so much about myself, I grew as a person, and I feel like I learned a lot about the world. Then I came home, and things got a little crazy. I took 5 steps forward and was taking 10 back and that’s not what I wanted. I even stopped writing, which if you know me personally, you know is insane.

So as of late, I’ve been trying to live my life as truthfully as possible. I’m doing the things that make me happy, and my relationship with myself gets better everyday. Don’t get me wrong, it fluctuates as most relationships do. But there are more good days than bad.

I started this blog before I left for Japan. I thought I was going to write something everyday. But then I didn’t. Then I didn’t know what to do with it. Then I couldn’t figure out how to log into it (me and technology have a love hate relationship). Then when I finally could log in, I finally figured out what I wanted this to be.

See, this blog is titled Finding Extraordinary. To me, that means finding the little things in  your everyday life. It’s about finding the things that make you happy (am I using to many italics? Eh.).

So, that’s what this is going to be. Me writing about the things that make me happy, and me writing about finding the things that make me happy. Me writing about figuring out my life.

I’m 21.

I’m (technically) an adult (though I rarely feel like one).

I have no idea what I’m doing half the time, and no idea where I’m going.


This is me.

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