Hello Internet. This is simply a post to introduce myself to you. I wish I could tell you I have some miraculous groundbreaking story to tell you, but in truth, I don’t.

My name is Samantha, but I never really go by that. My friends mostly call me Samm. A very select few call me Sammy (not my favorite but what can you do). Sometimes my sorority sisters call me Samanth (but I either don’t respond or tell them I’ll fight them… It’s an inside thing, don’t ask). The list could continue, but for the sake of this post, we’ll end it there.

So yeah. Samm. That’s me.

I am 20 years old right now, and I currently live in the state of Nevada (which I moved to almost 2 years ago now), but New Jersey and the East Coast will forever have my heart. I study Literature with a Creative Writing concentration at University, I have an obsession with Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien (dude is freaking talented okay?), and Harry Potter (I am a very proud Gryffindor okay?). I sing probably more often then I should, I think I’m funny but in truth, I just tell really bad jokes/puns. For example: How do you throw a party in space? You plan it! Get it? Plan it? Planet? See, not so funny. I am also the current president of #ProcrastinationNation (because let me tell you it’s BAD). I also have the tendency to be a tad sarcastic. Despite the sarcasm though, I’m pretty shy around new people.

I guess I could list a bunch of other traits about myself, but I wouldn’t really know what else to say (plus I’m sure y’all will realize that I’m #trash pretty quick. Hey, I didn’t choose the fandom life, it chose me. …aka, I made a tumblr once upon a time and it ruined my life). Honestly though, I feel like that’s a decently accurate representation of myself. I’m sure we’ll all learn more later though. That’s the funny thing about people isn’t it? They’re always changing, so it’s kind of hard to pin-point them exactly. But as far as this current moment in time? Yeah, that up there sums me up pretty well.

So, why a blog? Since some of these are things I will talk about in depth later on, I’ll keep this answer short. I started this blog for 5 reasons really:

  1. I love to write. Simple.
  2. I wanted to remind myself that life can be amazing (even if you don’t get a Hogwarts letter), and I wanted a place to document those thoughts.
  3. I wanted a place where I could share more of my photography with people (since that is a new love of mine) as I don’t want to **** post on instagram (and I just generally don’t use it as much as I used to).
  4. I wanted a place where I could share poetry, short fiction pieces, or random musings with friends, family, and people in general. And finally,
  5. In Fall of 2017, I will be studying abroad in Japan for about 4 (ish) months. History has proven I am awful at journaling, so I wanted a place where I could document my thoughts, photos, and experiences during this new adventure. I wanted all of these things in once place so family,  friends, and whoever else was interested, could easily keep up to date on the journey if they wanted to.

So, with all that being said:


Hello everyone,  nice to meet you. My name is Samm. I look forward to getting to know you.

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